24/7 Surveying

SteamIQ was designed to provide a building owner with 24/7 surveying of their entire steam trap population. Our monitors sample your steam traps every minute. Every day the monitors will upload via the LoRaWAN gateway and this data is processed by the cloud analytics engine. Your personalized dashboard shows the total trap population, what’s working and what isn’t.  It eliminates the need for manual surveying and alerts you or your service company that repairs need to be completed.

US Dept of Energy recommended Steam Trap Testing Intervals

  • High-Pressure (150 PSIG and above): Weekly to Monthly
  • Medium-Pressure (30 to 150 PSIG): Monthly to Quarterly
  • Low-Pressure (below 30 PSIG): Annually



By knowing when traps have failed, SteamIQ gives you the tools to get them repaired quickly. No longer will you need to stare at that vent pipe billowing steam outside a building or burning up condensate pumps. SteamIQ means you don’t need to wait for a yearly survey or perform manual testing.  Our authorized installers will work with your facility to generate a repair plan to get repairs done when they matter.

If you can see the steam, it’s not doing its job.  Steam and therms are expensive, ensure your dollars go towards efficiency by installing the most advanced steam trap monitoring system ever.

Automatic work orders

Working with one of our authorized installers means you can automate work orders and repairs. SteamIQ generates work orders based on your desired schedule. Repairs are scheduled automatically with your installer and parts can be procured ahead of time.

When repairs are completed, SteamIQ is updated automatically to show historical repairs, when they were performed and if there are persistent problems in certain areas of your steam system.


SteamIQ is simple to install. The only tools required are a 9/16″ wrench and a philips screwdriver. Our patent-pending case includes mounts for both horizontal and vertical mounting. The monitor attaches to the outlet piping using a standard split pipe clamp. Various length threaded rods allow you to place the monitor where it is most convenient. Our monitors are designed with IP68 intrusion protection and can withstand 125C temperatures.

Typically a monitor can be installed on a trap in less than a minute. After that the tech records the QR code on the monitor and tags it in our install app with relevant trap information. Once this is recorded the install is complete and the monitor will begin to send information the following day.