Our dashboard allows users to see quickly what is functioning normally and what needs to be repaired.  Each dashboard is individualized and can be accessed from anywhere.  Users can group traps based on location, type, pressure or application.  2 week trending is standard on all individual monitors so you can see how the trap has been performing.  Historical data is also archived for a full year and can be downloaded for review.

SteamIQ will allow users to tailor their failure threshold suitable to their facility.  Have a critical steam process application running at high pressure where a trap failure can result in loss of product?  Running low pressure steam for heat?  SteamIQ can adapt to any scenario.

Cost of steam calculations displayed on the dashboard can be utilized to determine appropriate repair intervals.  The estimate of how much lost steam is costing your facility drives home the impact that failed steam traps can have on building efficiency.

SteamIQ is built on Microsoft Azure.  This IoT platform allows for powerful analytics to learn your system and respond with intelligent actions.  It is the only steam trap monitoring system available that utilizes “machine learning” and the power of the cloud to drive decisions on trap repairs.