Ease of install

We designed SteamIQ to be fast and easy to install.  There are no wires to run, thermocouples to add, or intrusion to any piping.  SteamIQ monitors attach to existing piping using a standard split pipe clamp and simple hand tools.  The monitors are preconfigured at our factory to join our LoRa network once a gateway is within range.

Gateways are typically installed in the middle of a building, usually in a utility closet.  They require only a 120V outlet to transmit back to our network server.  Due to the incredible in-building signal penetration of LoRa, a single gateway is often capable of servicing multiple buildings.  Gateways can either be configured to use Ethernet or 3G cellular to transmit the data back to our network server for analytics.

Contact us today if you’d like information about how we can set up a sample monitoring system at your facility for your review.