LoRaWAN networking

LoRaWAN (Long-range Wide Area Network) is an advanced star-on-star radio protocol specifically developed for battery powered sensors operating in the “Internet of Things” (IoT)  universe.  It enables SteamIQ monitors to communicate with the network server over incredible distances, with ultra low power consumption and zero reliance on the host network infrastructure.  In our testing, monitor signals are able to easily go subterranean, through multiple concrete walls & floors and penetrate through steel AHU rooftop coil enclosures.

Simply put, LoRaWAN means no need for networking, IT, wires, battery changes, your wifi or configuration.  SteamIQ supplies the cellular gateways that communicate with our network server.  All monitors come programmed and ready to install.

  • Complete building/campus coverage
  • Gateways can handle 100k monitors
  • Independent of host network
  • 3G or Ethernet backhaul
  • TLS 1.2 encryption
  • 915 MHz-ISM band
  • Daily server updates-user configurable via remote downlink

Click here to learn more about the LoRaWAN Alliance